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Janet Bongshe Jato

QJ/JJ/Bubbles here. A shoutout to all my peeps. Ahem ... not proper enough...
Queen here. Welcome to my web page.

Huntington Beach, CA (~40 miles from Los Angeles)

About me/us
I am Queen of the Jato clan. :-)

My middle name means it is good to laugh and I take full advantage of that privilege.
My college nick name was Bubbles for that same reason -- given to me by a former boss.

What do I do for a living? -- I am a database marketer -- if you can figure out exactly what that is then you are doing better than I. (Simply put, I facilitate the depositing of junk mail in your mail box)

What I do for play? -- Travel travel travel, books and more books, hang out with friends and family, cook, laugh hard (snort sometimes), Travel, kick boxing, weight lifting, Travel. Writing poetry. Did I mention Travel?

My Relations
Was not related to any of the Briginshaw tribe. However, that changed in May 2004 by marriage to Mr Webmaster JAJ -- I have graced them with my addition!

I have a lovely Sister Gladys, a twin brother Stephen, and a younger brother Bruce. Our formidable parents are Miriam and Johnson Jato.

Contact Details
Janet Bongshe Jato
Huntington Beach, CA
Email: click here
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Carpe diem!