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Jennifer Gelsi nee Briginshaw

Hello All!

Melbourne, Australia

About me/us
My name is Jennifer Gelsi (nee Briginshaw), I am married to Michael and we have a son, Tommas.

I work from home as a secretary/PA/mum and I enjoy reading, cooking, movies, creativity, writing.

My Relations
My father is Robert Briginshaw, mum Lorna and brother Andrew. My grandfather, Charles, emigrated to Australia from England around 1918-ish. I have been corresponding with John Briginshaw via email for about 18 months.

Contact Details
Jennifer Gelsi

My Links
Briginshaw Family Home Page | Astrosurf - Daily Astrology** | Maternity Matters - Great Clothes for Mums to Be**

I would be interested to hear from Briginshaws around the world.

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