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Jane Simmonds-Short

Hello there - another Jane

I and my husband live in a very small village in Somerset, about 10 miles from Taunton

About me/us
I am Jane Simmonds-Short - formerly Jane Briginshaw of course. I live with my husband Roly, a retired Metropolitan Police Officer and our English Bull Terrier "Rose". We have three sons, all grown now (thank goodness): Paul, Mathew and Phillip.

I work for Phillip (no. 3 son) as his company secretary, and also for a London based computer company as a pension trustee (I can hear you all yawning already!). Luckily for me I can work mainly at home and only have to show my face at the office a couple of times a month. Other than attempting to earn money, we have a 2 acre garden & orchard, where we grow most of our own veg/fruit. I enjoy doing all the nice easy things in the garden while leaving all the nasty back breaking jobs for Roly to do. I also very much enjoy dressmaking and especially working with fine fabrics, wedding dresses etc.

My Relations
I am one of the five children (3 boys - Roger, Colin and Peter; 2 girls myself and Christine - who got married only last month)of Robert Thomas and Phyllis Briginshaw. My father (Bob) died a few years ago, and my mother now lives alone at Worting just outside Basingstoke. Haven't had any contact with anyone much I'm afraid but would love to do so.

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Jane Simmonds-Short
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