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Joanne Cook(nee BRIGINSHAW)

Hi, another one for the file!!

I live in a village(was) between Southampton and Winchester called Fair Oak.

About me/us
I am Joanne Briginshaw, daughter of Colin Briginshaw(also on this wedsite) and Kathleen Briginshaw(nee Alden)They are divorced but still good friends! I am Married to Shaun Cook an officer in the Royal Navy, and have two children Jordan and Bethany(oh and a cat)! I am 26 years old and have a Brother called David Briginshaw who is 24,and lives in Kingsworthy near Winchester.

I am a Technical Coach for Norwich Union Healthcare, as well as being a mum, so I dont find much time for play I'm afraid! I like to read alot(escapism)and listen to music! I have always wanted to travel but alas, due to lack of funds-I let the husband do that and he shows me the photo's!! I am a big ABBA fan and go to as many tacky events as I can!I am also known for my amazingly dry sense of humour and sarcastic wit!

My Relations
I am the daughter of Colin Briginshaw, the Grandaughter of Robert Briginshaw who passed away in 1995, and Phyllis Rose, who lives in Basingstoke near my Uncle Peter. Grandad was the brother of Lord Richard Briginshaw, and Arthur and Ruby. Dad has two brothers Roger and Peter, and two sisters Jane and Christine. I know I am distantly related to some of the Briginshaws on this website(you know who you are!) and my dad has(or at least used to have) a family tree drawn up and it makes for very interesting reading!! Apart from the usual Aunts, Uncles, Cousins etc.. I haven't met any other family members (unless you were at some dodgey family doo many years ago!!!)

Contact Details
Joanne Cook
30, Trafford Road
Fair Oak
SO50 7LB
Email: click here

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