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I was born on the 31.8.1950 in Twickenham Middlesex & have 2 brothers Roger & Peter & 2 sisters Jane & Christine. Jane is already registered on the Briginshaw website & her surname is Simmons Short. My Father's name was Robert Thomas & my mother's name is Phyllis Rose. Dad passed away 5 years ago but my mother is still alive. We lived in Twickenham until 1966 when we moved to Just North of Winchester at South Wonston. We dispersed from the family nest & have ended up in different locations after 25 years. Roger lives in Frimley, Peter in Basingstoke, Jane in Ilminster, Christine shortly moving to Bournemouth, my Mother lives in basingstoke & I live in Bishopstoke near Eastleigh in Hants. We are related to A Briginshaw on the Briginshaw Website who is our cousin. Dad had 2 brothers, Richard who was the eldest & then Arthur & also 1 sister Ruby.

About me/us
I have 2 children Joanne who is 25 & married with 1 boy & 1 girl & David 23 who is single.
I got Divorced 12 years ago & have not re-married.

I am an Electrical/Instrument Cad Designer.
My interests are Tennis, badminton, modern jive & some gardening

My Relations
2 brothers, 2 sisters

Contact Details
Colin Briginshaw
38,Haig Rd,
Home Phone: 023 80600415
Email: click here

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