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Jill Briginshaw

My name is jill briginshaw i am 48 years old and live in lincoln i also have a sister lynne who is six years older than myself

i live with my mother in a flat in lincolns west end

About me/us
i am jill briginshaw the youngest of two children born to pamela&the late jim briginshaw my late father also had a brother&sister called ada jean & peter briginshaw.

I work at the pelican trust in lincoln.i have several hobbies including listening to music.embroidery.jigsaws.

My Relations
peter briginshaw born 1930 ada jean briginshaw 1933.james briginshaw born 1970 my late father jim was born in 1923& died in 1977.

Contact Details
Jill briginshaw
71 carr street
carholme road
Ln1 1su
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