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Isabelle Laura Briginshaw

I live in Launceston in Tasmania, Australia and there isn't really very much to do here but it's ok! In the summer I go to the pool nearly every day and in winter, shopping!!!

About me/us
I was born in 1988 April 16th which makes me 13. I have a little brother who is 10 and named Liam(enough said) and a big sister named Josephine who is 16. At home we have a dog called Amber and 2 cats called Oscar(who is fat and furry)and Tabby(her real name is Tabitha Twitchet because she twitches her tail all the time)

I play netball and recently started rowing which is fun. The netball team I am in is undefeated which is good and hopefully we will win the grand final! When I am older I would like to be a lawyer. I also like skiing which I started 3 years ago and in September my brother Liam, dad and I are going to New Zealand on a skiing holiday.

My Relations
My father is William Robert Briginshaw son of Henry Ernest Briginshaw (dec)

Contact Details
Isabelle Laura Briginshaw
21 Bald Hill Road
Home Phone: 03 63318770
Email: click here

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