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Derek John Briginshaw

Hello, here's another one!

I live in the village of Leire in South Leicestershire, which is about 12 miles south of Leicester near to the Warwickshire border.

About me/us
I am Derek John Briginshaw born in 1938 and have been married to Jacqueline for 31 years. We have no children.

I retired a couple of years ago having had a career in engineering design and project management.Jackie is a semi retired accountant but has recently extended her hobby into teaching water colour painting. My interests are DIY, gardening by necessity, a lifelong passion for motor racing and for the last few years I have been involved with a small group of enthusiasts in building a full size replica of the first British jet engined aircraft the Gloster E28 which is to be erected in recognition of Sir Frank Whittles work in the nearby town of Lutterworth. (

My Relations
I am the only son of Harry Archibald ( deceased) and Minnie Gertrude (nee Clayton ) Mother lives nearby and is 92 this year. My fathers sister is Hilda Alice Welsford who is still going strong at 94 and lives in Maidenhead Berkshire. It is Hilda's family bible which is referred to in many of Jack Saunders newsletters. I have a "certified family tree " compiled by Georgina Baker 1983 which takes me back 7 generations to John Briginshaw 1707-1797. ie. Harry Archibald 1911-1999 William John 1883-1912 William Ridler 1854-1940 John 1817-1902 John Warren 1789-1857 Richard 1752-1824 John 1707-1797 and then of course along with many more of you, back a further 5 generations ( with a few if's ) to William 1564.

Contact Details
Derek John Briginshaw
The Lingtons
Frolesworth Road
Leire Leicestershire
LE17 5HJ
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